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Intag Adventures

Mount Spirit


Just a short drive from Pacheco, mount spirit contains four gorgeous waterfalls in the heart of the Intag forest. The trail to the first waterfall is about a 10 minute hike. As the trail continues, and you are led to three more waterfalls, each bigger and more mesmerizing than the last. My first experience here was quite magical as I was welcomed by the luscious green trees, grass, and the warmth of the sun. A beautiful setting for a picnic after a long hike. We proceeded onto the trail into the woods surrounded by canopies of trees. I was filled with excitement crossing little bridges over small rivers. The air was crisp and you could tell that we were a distance away from many environmental pollutants. As we made our way, I was welcomed by the first waterfall. Here I eagerly took off my hiking shoes with the rest of the crew as we made our way towards it as it was an easy and delightful climb. At the top, we were showered by the cool water, we sat, had conversations and meditated within it. And it does not end. Discover and choose your favourite waterfall to climb, swim in, and enjoy. - Difficulty : Easy - Distance from Pacheco : 17 KM - Best time to go: Anytime of the year. It is good to go all year round. - What you can do: Hiking, bathing on the waterfalls, climbing them ( for the most adventurous), birdwatching, having a picnic, sunbathing, filming and photographing this wonderful place.

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