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The Cloud Forest—one of the most beautiful and best-kept secrets in Ecuador—is right outside our doorstep, offering incomparable plant and wildlife including orchids which can’t be seen anywhere else on Earth. Among the animals that live in the area are the brown-faced spider monkey; the Andean, or spectacled, bear; the black-and-chestnut eagle; the puma; the white-faced, or Panamanian, capuchin monkey; the Choco toucan, and Andean catfish.

Wild adventure - For bird enthusiasts, you will be able to spot a Plate-billed Mountain Toucan, Grass-green Tanager, Toucan Barbet and many more brilliant birds who are native to the Intag Valley.

For adventurers, the Intag Valley offers fishing and zip lining, which is out of this world, giving you a view of beauty not seen by most humans and incomparable to pictures.

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Little Waterfall


Permaculture Above the Clouds


Mount Spirit


Secret Waterfall

Triple Waterfall


Coffe Tour & Native Forest Hike