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The Intag Valley is a hotbed of biodiversity, containing flora and fauna, rivers, and waterfalls rivaling anywhere else in the world.

Here at Pacheco Farmhouse, we are perfectly located right in the middle of this natural oasis…

the cloud forest

— one of the most beautiful and best-kept secrets in Ecuador —

is right outside our doorstep.

As such, if you're an adventurous soul, Intag and Pacheco are the perfect places for you to explore!

From thrilling activities to exciting experiences, there is something for everyone.

Waterfall Hikes

Pacheco is perfectly situated to explore the stunning natural beauty of Intag Valley, including its many awe-inspiring waterfalls.

If you’re interested in hiking and stunning waterfalls these majestic cascades are just minutes away, perfect for soaking up the crisp mountain air and taking in some natural beauty.

In addition, Pacheco is ideally positioned next to the Intag river, which means we can offer direct access to a stunning swimming spot right on the property that boasts crystal-clear mountain waters.

During your stay, just ask and we can show you where all the best, hidden waterfalls in the valley are located. 

Coffee Tours

Intag Valley is famous for its delectably rich coffee!

With the perfect conditions offered in its cloud forest ecosystem, the beans are varied and tasty. People from all over the world love the distinct flavor of Intag's coffee. 

This liquid gold is curated by nurturing local hands and the guides are passionate coffee lovers, and their insights will prove invaluable, especially if you’re new to the coffee scene.

A truly immersive experience, the tour spends time with local farmers and coffee entrepreneurs, giving you a real insight into the culture of local Ecuadorian coffee.

We have many contacts at coffee farms throughout Intag who offer coffee tours. Just inquire during your stay and we will be happy to organize it for you. 


If you're a bird-lover, Intag is the place for you! There's such an abundance and variety of birds here that you may never want to leave.


Intag is a sanctuary for many unique bird species such as Plate-billed Mountain Toucans, Grass-green Tanagers, and Toucan Barbets. It provides an opportunity to observe these endemic birds in their natural habitat.


In Intag, we are blessed with more than just birds. There's a plethora of wildlife and fauna that roam the area such as the brown-faced spider monkey; the Andean, or spectacled, bear; the black-and-chestnut eagle; the puma; the white-faced, or Panamanian, capuchin monkey; the Choco toucan, and Andean catfish.


The Intag Valley is teeming with nature reserves and conservation entities that can provide an unforgettable experience of witnessing this magnificent wildlife in its natural habitat. Take a guided tour and appreciate the beauty of these creatures up close.

Intag Adventures

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